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Ancient wine or Future?

Frodo Fausto Andi, a wine against the unnatural way of producing wine!

The Moradella, an ancient grape, in the last years desappeared form the wine grapes lists, is back!

Fausto and his wine have no compromises, pure as his untouched vision of an extreme natural way of working the soil and the grapes in Montù Beccaria.

Frodo is a timeless wine, the essence of an old wine combined with the wine of the future. No chemical treatments either on the grapes and in the cellar, 100% natural, not filtered, no copper-sulfur. A black, intense, natural, unconventions red revolutionary wine Tutto questo soliloquio per dire che il Frodo è un vino senza tempo. Frodo is for who can appreciate it, by yourself or with friends, just as unique as every sip.

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  • 32,00 €
Spedizione gratuita oltre 83€ (supplemento isole minori). Progamma la tua spedizione: ordina ora, ricevi a natale.
Wine: Red
Grapes : Pure 'Moradella'
0,75 L
Implant: Guyot
Soil: Chalk with clay, height 230 m.a.s.l.
Producer: Andi Fausto Farm
No copper-sulfur
Vitigni: Moradella in purezza
Tipo di Impianto: Guyot
Suolo: Argilloso con venature di gesso, altitudine 230 m.s.l.m.
Produttore: Azienda Agicola Andi Fausto

All the labels are hand painted by disabled people that work with Fausto and the association ' Out of the melee'!