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Formai de Mut DOP 2017

'Limited Edition' seasoned DOP Cheese 2017

Ferdy's love for his mountains materialize in a special Cheese that is also internationally recognized with a DOP. This Cheese is made only during the summer in our pasture with the height of 1500 e 2000 mt m.a.s.l., from the milk of an endangered local breed that is the Original Brow Cow. The caws breed freely and eat only the rich grass of our pasture, they are hand milked and the milk is heated on wood fire in the same way our ancestors used to do. Due to this healthy diet of the cows this special cheese is poor in bad colesterol and rich is omega 3 and cla. The light seasoning makes this very special cheese not too strong in the flavor but still with a hard structure. 

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Ingredients: Original Brow Cow Milk, salt, rennet  
Under-vacuum packaging
Raw milk production
Original Brown Cow milk
Grass-fed milk
- Colesterol, + Omega 3 and cla