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Red Spruce body oil

Red Spruce with essential oils extracted in the Hell's Valley

This is a 100% natural oil with the special power to bring you into the wood scents. This is a a body oil with Red Spruce essential oil extracted in the Hell's Valley. The benefits are soothing the mental e physical stress and helps relieving cold and sinusitis. This oil is the outcome of a project of sustainability of our territory. The Red and White spruce tree are weeds and year by year leave less space for the breeding grass. By cutting these trees the farmer helps twice the sustainability of our mountains. The branches are cut during the day with more light in order to exract the most oil.

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  • 17,00 €
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Ingredients: Red Spruce, seed oil 
Olio da massaggio antistress
Balsamic and Regenerating
Wood scents

INCI complete: Bio Heliantus Annuusseed oil, Picea eccelsa oil, Limonene.