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Orobic Blend 2018

Ingredients: Original Brown Cow and Orobic Goat Milk, salt, rennet 
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  • 11,00€
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Under-vacuum packaging
Raw milk production
Orobic Goat + Original Brown Cow
Grass or Hay Fed
With Original Brow Cow and Orobic Goat Milk
Our Orobic Blend is a hard-cheese produced mixing our precious milk of the most important and endangered animals of our mountains: the Orobic Goat cheese and Original Brown Cow. This cheese has a soft seasoning of abour 6 months and while tasting it it is possible to taste the sweetness coming from the cow milk and at the end feel the excellence and unique taste of the Orobic Goat milk. Our goats breed freely outside and therefore the tasting of this milk and cheese is not too intense, indeed with a strong flowers bouquet.