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Ferdy Pasture journey

1400 masl in an amazing landscape

In the middle of the nature of the Orobie Park, in the amazing Hell's Valley, at the foot of the Three Sirs Peak at 1400 masl our guests can stay in the Big Chalet or in a private wood and stone chaled.

We will cuddle our guests with a natural cousine based on only the products from our farm production, such as mountain cheese, goat cheese, cold cuts and wild herbs.
You are more a fish lover? In two lakes we have our mountain trouts great for delicious soups. 

For the youngest, the Ferdy Pasture can be reached on our donkeys. If your like trail walkings or horse ridings from the Ferdy Pasture you can easily reach the Occidental Orobie Mountains (Benigni, Grassi e Falk mountain chalets) or more ambitious peaks such as the Three Sirs Peak. During the winter we will also supply sleds for going down the slide path to the Ornica town.

Sleds for the slope to Ornica town
Climb with the donkeys for the yougest

Esperienza disponibile previa disponibilità: 
50€ Adulto (acqua, 1 calice di vino naturale per persona e caffè inlcusi)
20€ Bambino (acqua inclusa, età minima richiesta 8 anni) 8-12 anni
25€ Supplemento extra per asino familiare (solo se disponibile)
Extra services

Other activities

The guided activities that we offer both in our Agriturismo Ferdy and in the Ferdy mountain Pasture will get you to a new different level of enjoying the nature richness.
During the years we have worked on offering always better excursions paths, improving our didactic lessons with the children and giving more offers to the more sportive people. Are you ready for an amazing experience?
  • Leasurly walk to the Masso Erratico
  • Visit the Arlequin house
  • Thermal spa at San Pellegrino terme (discount prices)
  • The Canoe - An experience in the Brembo river
  • Visit the Cornello del Tasso
  • Visit the Baresi Mill

Other activities

per bambini max 7 anni
The Brembana Valley Cycling Path
Tutti i venerdì su prenotazione
The farm routine
For children from elementary to high school
Attività didattica per chi soggiorna - ogni sabato...
Horse riding lessons beginner and expert level
Tutti i lunedì su prenotazione
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