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Horse riding trekkings

Guided horse riding trekking

During all the seasons, our horse riding trekkings, are special opportunities to discover the High and Low Brembana Valley beautiful landscapes with a different and unusual point of view in the middle of the nature.  

Mountains are full of gifts and surprises. While horse riding, our riders can discover breath taking away corners of pure nature. During the original paths at the sight of old cottages, stables and utensiles it is possible to go through an immagination throwback of the history of the Brembana Valley and its original landscapes. Quiet and peaceful paths that bring back the richness and beauty of our territory. 

In our stables, made our of larch wood, live 20 horses belonging to different breeds that are special mates of our guests who love to enjoy horse riding lessons in the middle of the nature of the Orobie Park or taking horse riding lessons in our equestrian school. The horse riding trekking are done during our warmer seasons but also during the winter and offer an amazing view of our Brembana Valley in any time of the year and with its own peculiarities, a relaxing and overwhelming experience. 

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Extra services

Other activities

The guided activities that we offer both in our Agriturismo Ferdy and in the Ferdy mountain Pasture will get you to a new different level of enjoying the nature richness.
During the years we have worked on offering always better excursions paths, improving our didactic lessons with the children and giving more offers to the more sportive people. Are you ready for an amazing experience?
  • Leasurly walk to the Masso Erratico
  • Visit the Arlequin house
  • Thermal spa at San Pellegrino terme (discount prices)
  • The Canoe - An experience in the Brembo river
  • Visit the Cornello del Tasso
  • Visit the Baresi Mill

Other activities

Tutti i venerdì su prenotazione
per bambini max 7 anni
Horse riding lessons beginner and expert level
1 week holiday for children
1400 masl in an amazing landscape
The farm routine
Soggiorni settimanali WILD per ragazzi in Alpeggio
For children from elementary to high school
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